Slashing & Grass Cutting


Piening Contracting operate one of the largest grass cutting fleets within the Northern Territory. We have the experience and knowledge in vegetation maintenance and can provide experienced operators to complete contractual agreements within timeframes and the ability to conform and exceed the quality expectations to our clients.

Vegetation maintenance is recognised to assist the safe passage for motorists, the general public and protection of infrastructure assets. Benefits of maintenance would include:

  • Maintains safe sight distances, particularly at intersections and rail crossings
  • Prevents vegetation from obstructing guideposts, signage and other traffic control devices
  • Helps visibility for wondering stock / animals on roadside verges
  • Reduces vegetation encroachment onto roadways and railways
  • Reduces vermin harborage
  • Assists in the safe passage for pedestrians
  • Assists weed control
  • Assists in Fire reduction / prevention, and
  • Enhances the aesthetics of asset

We can provide:

  • 4WD Airconditioned Cab Tractors ranging from 72hp to 120hp
  • Tractors with front-end loaders (4 in 1 buckets, standard buckets & pallet fork attachments)
  • Heavy Duty slashing equipment ranging from 7’ (2.1m) to 20’ (6.0m)

Slashing Services provided for:

  • Roadside Verges
  • Railway Corridors
  • Gas & Water Pipeline Easements
  • Airfield & Aerial Farms
  • Fire Access Trails (Firebreaks)
  • Sporting Fields
  • Broad acre / Pastoral / Open Space
  • Defence Establishments

Our Clients include:

  • Shire Councils
  • Local Authorities
  • Commonwealth & State Government Departments
  • Corporate Companies
  • Private Land Owners
  • Fire Authorities
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